Used Books and Guns

by Gentlemen Prefer Blood

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Third album from Gentlemen Prefer Blood available on It's Alive Records and La Escalera Records.


released April 7, 2015




all rights reserved


Gentlemen Prefer Blood Los Angeles, California

It's Alive Records & La Escalera Records

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Track Name: Diets for the Dying
Of all the times, I remember stiffening our necks, staring straight ahead. Far too stoned to spend time and it flew a little way too fast and then it came to me:That once we go outside, we take off!
A mystery. A story to compel. Some time left alone to think about what’s left. I wanted every move to be direct. And it still came to me:
That once we go outside, we’ll be faking all this bullshit vacancy. Where it counts to be as distinct as the same. Where the sounding of alarming goes in tune with a knife and we’re stabbing all the backs of friends of mine.
For all the times you stick around and always keeping me around. We’ll walk arm in arm again and show off all the great again.
Track Name: Makeshift Graves
The moment passed when I could’ve shared something.
(Off the tracks and we’ll do it again).
My blank stare shows a lot more interest
(Off the tracks and we’ll do it again).
This boring banter is a lot of the same shit
(Off the tracks and we’ll do it again).
A fucking problem when I just don’t need one
(We’ll hop the fence and they’ll do it again)

An introduction to the confusing mindset of a…(I think we know answer)
You’re half way home. they cut the rope and we do it again.
Track Name: Back Aching for the Lash
I’ll hear about them every now and then. Wastes of time with no rules to follow. Every single time they’re coming right after me.
And when they told me that they’re figured out, My innards churn with a loss of self doubt. Every single time it gets the best of me.
Feeling safe in a coded cave. Sounded out in a foggy haze. No one feels that small. Turned around to spot again another brain dead tourniquet. No one limps that long.
After time trips took a break, the laughter died cuz we all stopped breathing. Every single sound was coming right from me. I told them once I got a friend who’s big and strong with a messed up knee and every single time he never gets to me.
Then that casket breaks. Keeping all those broken bones. Telling truths and tales. Keeping all the bad words safe from harm. So they wait outside.
Track Name: 1000 Words
This camera is shooting bullets. You aim it and you pull it.
A thousand poison darts nail my heart against the wall. A thousand pointed words forgotten but not unheard. Glossing over all our fights with glossy black and whites. 'Cause I’ve been pouring over photo albums, all those guys? Well you can have them. With the happiness those images convey. I will never make you feel that way.
Every time nostalgia lies. like too much makeup on your face and eyes. Like last years styles on all your girls. And the fakest fucking smiles in the world.
These photos work me over and my brain works over time. Filling gaps between photos before these photos became mine. Will our immortal image only serve to annoy? All your future lovers pretty girls and ugly boys
Cause I’ve been adding up all your subtractions pondering our interactions with all the awkwardness it takes to watch you flirt. When every pictures worth a thousand hurts.
Track Name: Slacktivism
I’m not the man who walks but I’m just the man who talks and you’re gonna have pull some strings for me and once we get there see, I’ll have some stringy things and they’ll be knotted on my fingers, fangs and toes.
I’m pulling shit and it’s rooted so far deep that I might sink. I feel like shit so there’s no hard feelings in this dirty mound.
I’ll get the tactics free and you’ll pay the answers’ fee because we always want to keep it in the scene. And our reflection sees a different kind of thieves and we’ll be loading up our cases full of green.
Track Name: Nearly Invisible
Count your lucky stars that you don’t have the thoughts that I think of.
All these constant fears floating to the surface realized.
And acting out at anytime would find my mind out of line.
Staring goofily at all the kids who think they “don’t belong”.
And acting out at anytime would find my mind out of lining up to see the latest love that everyone is talkin about.
I still make it out. There’s nothing wrong with me.
Everywhere I go I see the crazies think they’re after me. I’m well beyond a teen angst home just me and shows that get along. I’ll scream and shout and no one minds unless of course its out of time and then the stares come back at me and I’m right back in to where I belong.
Track Name: Candid Most Often
Every now and then i see a piece of me in all the things I’ve wanted to deceive. And every time I walk a line
it detours every time to a spike-strip addled road carved out on the side aside a boring chorus sings with arms folded company.
And then right there I’m feeling scared. Not a ghost white but nerves like fleas, scattering. Embalm before the storm.
And every time I see a sign designed to change my mind, my thoughts are all aligned in keeping me free from thieves.
These are all mine.
Track Name: Mahogany Monotony
Every fucking day it’s all the fucking same
I don’t wanna die in this office and i don’t wanna die behind this wheel and i don’t wanna die in this shoebox life: fitted, stretched and heeled.
I don’t wanna die in this restaurant and i don’t wanna die wearing this tie and i don’t wanna die in this shit house job feeding these slobs eating my pride.
I don’t wanna live in this body and i don’t wanna live with these heights and i don’t wanna live getting older unhappy all the while. I don’t wanna live in the morning and i don’t wanna live in the light and i don’t wanna live with my overhung brain: coked and soaked and fried.
I am rooted. i am structured. i am gnarled. i am axed. Always struggle with the purpose of all that i am asked. i am lacquered, I’m a placard polished to a ruby sheen. A trophy for our failures. Mahogany monotony.
Track Name: Let It Sink
In moments of heartache; not just living but the loved ones lost we hold the pride some keep denied in honor of their name. And whenever we need them a quick confirm and a broken nest will prove again that once a friend, always a friend is right.
A bitter decision. A broken promise or a lesson learned. It keeps all the errand falls from basking in the light. Polite conversation. Hell just smiling when the others talk can be replete with comforting ideas, thoughts and minds.
And when you think you’ve made it there’s a corner that you haven’t crawled on your words and rights, now multiplied to destroy any fight.
Play it safe plays no difference here. Moments too soon and this life keeps living. Just let it sink to get the reference here or just let it go.
Track Name: Paper Lions
It’s become fun to run into a line made out of crazy.It’s all we can do to be the blame. As seen on tv, a scene on tv it’s a spark that ignites a fury. Hurry this line might be the last.
The craziness burns, the business turns. Its a fault that you can’t jump over.I’d like to see you bite your ass. The incident scars. You’re telling at the bars “that’s me, can I get you something?”
It’s about more than what you’ve burned. It’s all lies for you.